Volunteer Opportunities

Occasionally projects will have a need for volunteers to help with tasks ranging from research to washing and processing objects. We can't always guarantee there will be ways to help but if you are interested please let us know and we will contact you when things arise.

Things we always need help with are fund raising and getting word out about what GARI can do for local communities. There are so many threatened sites (both cultural and natural) in Florida but we can't protect them all without more help. We need funding to be able to hire additional professionals to work with us in protecting and studying these important places for future generations. We could use donations of equipment and software applications to keep up with improved technologies.

We may be a small staff but we have big dreams and goals. All of us donate many hours of our personal time back to the projects we are working on to ensure they are finished to the highest standards. We have very low overhead costs as we are borrowing laboratory space from Crystal River State Parks which allows us to dedicate almost every dollar received directly to the various projects we are working on. This system allows us to produce incredible results for small organizations that otherwise couldn't afford to hire professional help with their project. Helping us spread the word to other agencies that need help or to potential donors that want to help would directly impact the preservation of your community!