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EARTH DAY April 22, 2020

Earth from space on the morning of April 21, 2020. Earth is our home and we are its stewards. The human population is now in a fight against a coronavirus. For a brief moment, however, GARI would like to showcase 5 vistas of our planet for you to examine and consider...

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Gulf Stream Births a Gyre!

The Gulf Stream is an important source of heat transport from the tropics and sub-tropics to the North Atlantic and eventually, the North Sea. Today's environmental satellite image shows the warm Gulf Stream's core (deep red) flowing off the Atlantic coastline. A few...

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Where there’s smoke-there’s fire!!

It's spring, in the Northern Hemisphere and that means planting crops. Some agricultural techniques involve burning the landscape as a means to clear the landscape (and add a little bit of natural fertilizer). In a number of places, slash-and-burn techniques are...

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Spring heats up, get ready for HUMIDITY!

It's mid-April and it's hot already! March was much warmer and dryer than normal and the first two weeks of April have seen VERY much above temps, even a few records set in the Nature Coast Region. So, what's up? Hint: humidity. Spring is a transition period, where...

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Archaeology in Peril

    Climate and Sea-level Change We hope this gets your attention. Be advised that much of our prehistory – our shared heritage - is undergoing destruction. This means the very archaeological sites that are needed to provide information about past human...

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New institute director looks forward — into past

Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm Diane Dobry For the Chronicle Seven years after doctoral student Michelle Sivilich first met Gary Ellis, she was living in Virginia and had completed her dissertation study for the University of South Florida on the Second Seminole...

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