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Gulf Archaeology Research Institute

As one of Florida’s oldest archaeological nonprofit research institutes, we have the experience and knowledge to help your community understand and preserve its past for future generations.

Florida is in a state of emergency when it comes to protecting its historical resources.

We are losing our shared history at an alarming rate due to sea level rise, construction and development, and agricultural activities. GARI has been at the forefront of championing to save these sites and have an impressive resume of providing exceptional services to communities so they can document, protect, and interpret their historical sites.

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Over 25 years of working to save Florida’s past.

The Gulf Archaeology Research Institute (GARI) is a 501(C)(3) scientific research group based in Crystal River, Florida. Founded in 1995 we bring decades of experience working to protect Florida’s vanishing natural and cultural resources. Our organization has three divisions: Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Natural Sciences. We are professionally staffed by a team of Research Associates who all hold advanced graduate degrees in a variety of fields from Anthropology to Paleopathology to Meteorology.

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Our history is a nonrenewable resource and Florida is the fastest growing state in the county. We have a responsibility to document our shared past before it is gone forever.

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